Saw this on someone else’s blog and I thought I’d repost.

Forget those standard Myers-Briggs and other similar personality tests. I like this one. I think it tells way more about you than those others…

1.  Which Friend are you? (Joey, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe or Gunther) — Definitely Ross (with a little Chandler thrown in for good measure)

2.  If you see Hitler at the bottom of a well, do yo:
     a.  drop a soy latte on him
     b.  sing a lullabye to him
     c.  ask him, “what’s with the ‘stache?”
     d. jump down and punch him in the larnyx

I’d definitely drop something on him, but it wouldn’t be my coffee. Too precious a commodity!

3.  Which link on the right will you go to next?

Probably “Log Out”

4.  Better movie:  When Harry Met Sally or Pulp Fiction?

Harry Met Sally. Chick Flick, I know… but still a classic. And one of the best sound tracks ever by a previously undiscovered Harry Connick Jr.

5.  Better letter when silent – K or P?

Hmmm. I don’t (K)now. Actually, I’ve always been partial to the silent J. But I suppose a silent P is a lot pcooler.

6.  When you see a commercial bragging about the 3G network, do you have any idea what they’re really talking about?

Sadly, I do. Although if anyone asks me I’ll deny it.

7.  When you hear about the Great Lakes do you ever think, “They’re not so great”?

Nope. They’re big. Dang big. But is Big=Great? Maybe we should just call them the Big Lakes?

8.  How many products do you own that could best be described  ”As seen on TV”?

A handful, actually… and some of them actually aren’t all that bad! We love our “Pedipaws” for trimming the dogs’ nails!

9.  Pancakes or Waffles?

If it’s just a breakfast at home, then pancakes. Whole Grain pancakes. Yummerz. But if I’m staying in a fancy hotel with a free breakfast and a chef making waffles to order, I’ll do Waffles.

10. Do rainy days and Mondays always get you down?

Yes. Especially when they happen at the same time. But I don’t sing about them like Karen.