Some chicken, pork and corn in the barbeque
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That’s not the only thing I got accomplished this weekend, but it was one of the most fulfilling. After a lot of research, screwdrivers and socket wrenches, the grill has been reassembled into something that will actually cook a piece of meat. ¬†Looks like there was probably an issue with the compression fittings coupled with the fact that there were probably quite a few Good Charlottes inside the venturi tubes. The end result of the whole project was that I now can actually cook on the thing, plus I also have the charcoal grill as a back up. Brilliant!

The garden also got an overhaul this weekend, plus we cleaned out Debbie’s two storage locations with help fromBenji and Liz. Pictures to come at some point…

So this was the first link I came up with… ¬†enjoy!

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