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Time for a change…

PHP Application Structure

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I really like this blog theme but I’m thinking it might be time for something new. I do a lot of tinkering in WP (we use it for work, plus I use it for a few other blogs I’ve set up for people) and this theme doesn’t operate the way that most do. For some reason, all of the code is stored in another file and you can’t use the Editor in WordPress to mess with the PHP. This is totally unacceptable in my opinion… ┬ákind of like trying to change the oil in your car but having the hood locked. Maybe a bad analogy, but you get my drift.

There a ton of free themes out there, and some you need to pay for. In most cases, everything you’d ever want to do CAN be done with free themes — it’s just that the paid ones give you more options and make it easier, saving time in the long run. That’s something I can definitely use more of…

Anyone out there have a favorite theme or theme designer? I’m partial to Thesis… I’d love to hear what you like to use!

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Post Office letter box, Essex, UK
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Yes, that makes four posts today.

Why might that be, Jeff?

Well, since you asked…

I’m testing out a new Feedburner feature and as of this moment, it hasn’t yet worked. So I need to keep posting.

Kind of like what your great Aunt Gertrude in the UK does when she wants to get a hold of you… cause she hasn’t discovered this whole new “internet machine”.

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We’ve already started…

An older Indiana Jones in Kingdom of the Cryst...
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Ethan (aka Indiana Jones) is already planning his costume for next year. Any ideas on what genre it’s going to be?

You have three guesses, and the first two don’t count…

(Hint: It starts with STAR and ends with WARS…)

Well, he’s decided that since he already has Obi-Wan’s light sabre, he should be Obi-Wan Kenobi. Then he decided that I needed to be a character that went WITH Obi-Wan Kenobi… When I told him I wanted to be Chewbacca, he politely informed me that I had to be Anakin or Jango Fett or even Mace Windu, but I could NOT be Chewy. “It just doesn’t make sense, Daddy…”

OK – so if anyone has a Jango Fett costume available starting October 2011, let me know, will ya.

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Porcupine Racetrack

Cute Porcupine Guy
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Yes, ladies and gentlemen… one of the most popular forms of entertainment known to man…

The Porcupine Racetrack.

Don’t believe me? Well then, you’d better not click this link.

Or else.

Porcupines for all.


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I vote YODA

He is a force to be reckoned with.