Yes, I did see HP#7, finally… but that’s not really what the title is paying homage to…

You see, I’ve had this blog title in my Email signature for quite some time and I actually started removing it when sending Emails to some people since I didn’t want to embarrass myself due to lack of posting. Maybe I can leave it up for a while now.

A few new music-related entries for today:

1) Check out Herbie Hancock’s new album “Imagine Project“. I caught a few tunes while hanging out with Charlie and the band the other night after rehearsal and was floored. There are some great individual performances on there… including some by John Legend, Pink, Seal and more. I was particularly floored by the cover of the old Gabriel/Bush duet “Don’t Give Up”. Besides being a great updated cover, they actually emulated the original performances while keeping their own style. Superbly done. Herbie is a genius.

2) Got a chance to play an original show recently with the Charlie Hines band at the 86 Club in downtown Cincinnati. Great time, great players, great players… and better yet, we got paid in smoothies. How much better could it get? If you’re in Cincy, try to catch a show at the 86 Club here and support the place. They’re doing great things! To check out Charlie’s music, visit his page on

3) Started writing again. I’ve been thinking about it and feeling motivated in that way for over a year now, and perhaps the recent hangout with Aaron and John, two fantastic musicians I get to play with on a regular basis, got the creative juices flowing again. We were working on some of Aaron’s tunes over at his place, and things were just clicking. Recently I’ve had all kinds of melodies floating through my head, so I’ve been trying to plunk them out on the piano. I know that eventually they’re all going to come flooding out, so I’m trying to get myself prepared for the sonic onslaught…  :-)

Time to go work out and continue listening to *BLINK* (Malcolm Gladwell), … that’s all for now.

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