You’ve heard of discographies, right? Well, since I’ve been in more bands than recordings, I figured I’d do it this way. Musical resume follows. Prepare for my long-windedness (PS: This is a work in progress).

Qixip (1985)– We played a couple songs at my piano recital. I’m not sure which came first, but we also played a few talent shows as well as a few mini-performances at various places around town.

Jeff Rezer (keys/vox), Mike Mandes (percussion) & Jim Carr (vox, sax, harmonica, clarinet, etc)

Qixip morphed into what became Mirage (1986-1988). We went through a few iterations of band members, but eventually started recording at a real studio in West Chester (the name escapes me). I still have the demo tape — 5 original songs, and not really bad for a bunch of kids who had no idea what they were doing. I still play a few of them on piano from time to time… This band decided we should all drop out of school when we landed a gig at the local Mape’s 5 & dime. BIG-TIME!

Jeff Rezer (keys/vox), Jim Carr (vox/sax/keys/other stuff), Mike Mandes (drm), Tom McSweeney (Gtr), Scott Layer/Colin Develin (bass)


I was in a band for a while with a bunch of older guys — the name of the band escapes me, if we even had one. We never really played out, but I rehearsed with them for a while before I decided I was going to jump ship. It was my first real “gig” with a big time rehearsal sound system. I don’t think my ears have ever been the same. The main thing I learned from this experience was that you shouldn’t keep playing with a band if you don’t like the guys & don’t like the music — especially if you’re not playing out anywhere.

Next, I joined a band called “The Project“. This band actually seemed to be going places. They had written originals and were planning on playing out. I ended up pulling in Colin and Jim from my previous projects (or did Colin pull me in?) and we were off. I think I still have a tape somewhere… Things didn’t really work out, and Jim and I ended up leaving to start our own project.

Bob Bender (vox/gtr), JB Smith (drm), Colin Develin (bass), Jeff Rezer (keys/vox), Jim Carr (sax, vox)

was next: I was living in King if Prussia at the time and Jim and I started aggressively writing material for our original band. The plan was simple — form a band with guys we liked, who could play, and who had jobs so they didn’t need to make money in the band. We wanted to mix originals with interesting not-your-run-of-the-mill covers and take the world by store. We ended up finding some fantastic players (and now good friends!) and the rest was history. Met Joe “Big Note” Stout and recorded a demo with Digital Dog Studios during this time period. Got hooked up with Midnight Sun Mgmt and played for 2 years or so before hanging it up and starting another project.

Jeff Rezer (keys/vox), Jim Carr (vox/keys/sax), James Adams (bass/vox), Cris Pastore (gtr), Eric Koff (drm), Jay Farley (gtr), Mike Brenner (sax/perc/EWI/vox)

Flip Like Wilson was the next project. A bunch of us from Slick Kingdom merged up with a few new guys and under Midnight Sun Mgmt we started out in 1995. Played for 5 full years full-time before hanging it up in 2000. We played to countless thousands of fans up and down the east coast, and got to share the stage with tons of national acts. It really was a fantastic experience and one that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Came back for a few encore performances and special shows in 2002 and continued playing special events and some summer gigs until 2005 after the birth of my son. The band existed until 2010 and up until then you could catch them occasionally at Dewey Beach, DC/Va or in and around Philly.

Jeff Rezer (keys/vox), James Adams (bass/vox), Mike Brenner (sax/perc/vox/stuff), Billy Neill (gtr/vox), Joey Ippolito (vox), Bob Castaldi (drm), Jay Farley/Zack Harting (gtr/vox).

The Charlie Hines Band (2011-???)

The newest project started with its inaugural gig in July 2011 at The 86 Club in Cincinnati, OH. Charlie is no stranger to the music scene, having played in bands since we has a teenager, however this is first original project comprised entirely of player of his choosing. I’m incredibly humbled to be a part of such a great team. You can find Charlie’s music on iTunes as well as visit his Facebook page, website or Reverb Nation profile.

Charlie Hines (vocals/guitars), Josh Owings (percussion)< Carleton Tolliver (bass), Jeff Rezer (keyboards)