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My favorite new brew

Hook & Ladder Backdraft BrownOK. I admit it. I like trying new beers… There are a bunch of places to buy single-serve bottles around here, including our local grocery store. They have quite a selection. A lot I’ve heard of, but some I haven’t. Occasionally I try one that really, really works for me. Usually it’s suggested by Sarah — she has this uncanny ability to pick a good beer by looking at the packaging. Weird, I know… but it works a good bit of the time. I think there has only been once or twice where I didn’t like what she picked out for me, and that was before she really knew my taste.

Well, there’s a new beer in town — Backdraft Brown by Hook & Ladder Brewing Company. Let me tell you, everything about this is spot-on in my book. No, it’s not fancy or brewed with all kinds of crazy spices. It’s just GOOD. Nice mix of bite and smoothness, with a slight hoppiness that finishes off smooth. Love it.

Until I looked it up, I had no idea this brewery was based in Silver Spring… so all my DC peeps better go check it out and have one. Or three.

So, if you like a good beer but don’t go for all the fru-fru Belgian stuff or the beer so thick you can chew it, this might be the one for you. Try it and let me know what you think. 

PS: Their seasonal Ember Amber is quite tasty as well!

A 6-pack a day…

I started this little advenuture about 6 weeks ago at Jungle Jim’s where I decided I would choose a variety of individual brews to create a custom 6-pack, and then sample and review them over the course of a week or two. Well, needless to say I DID finish them all (no doubt!) but I haven’t had a chance to review them yet.

Now, mind you, I’m not really a beer connoisseur, but I do enjoy all the difft flavors you get across the variety of different IPAs, lagers and stouts. I plan on getting up my “6-pack review” soon — that is, if I can find the list where I wrote down all the different kinds I tried.

The one I do remember a brew by the Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland OH called Eliot Ness, an amber lager if I remember. Very nice smooth feel, slightly toasty (and no, I was not “TOASTED”!!!) and not much of a hoppy aroma to it… I remember a bit of hops in the finish, and it was quite drinkable, despite the strange name — actually the reason I chose to try it. Apparently he loved to frequent the brewpub and got a beer named after him. Maybe I should ask the folks over at Dogfish Head to consider renaming their Belgian Dark — perhaps the “Rezer d’Etre”???

Beer Adventuring

So with this new area that I’m living in comes a ton of new places that sell imports and specialty beers and there are all kinds of new exciting possibilities. I will try to update this page with some of them for those who care about beer… :-)
I recently had a chance to try a Cinci brewer called Christian Moerlien. I tried the Dopplebock — not bad, but a little nuttier than I care for. I’m anxious to try some of their other styles soon.

Also, on my recent trip to Jungle Jim’s, I picked up 2 other brands in single serve bottles… one was an award winning Hefeweizen from the Plank Brewery. I really liked this brew. It tasted a bit like a Belgian Beer with the large amount of spices used (not sure what it was, but I’ll find out for you Ken!). Apparently it won the 2004 and 2006 Gold Medal in some important beer competition, so it’s definitely good enough for me! I’ll definitely get this one again.

Another one I tried was an Old English Ale called Old Speckled Hen. Also very good. Not as heavy as a Bass but with a similar character. It really is very refreshing and slightly different because of a unique brand of malt (or is it hops? I forget… but it says it on the label). I would drink this again and it was pretty decent, but not remarkable.

So many beers, so little time.