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The carnage continues

Our dogs are either:

1) The unluckiest canines ever
2) The biggest clutzes ever
3) Have a death-wish (or at least have some sort of sado-masochistic streak)
4) All of the above.

We had to take Marie to the emergency vet last night because she ripped the dew claw on one of her front legs. Blood. Nasty. Limping, whining. And she NEVER whines. EVER.

Greyhounds have a tremendously high pain tolerance and almost NEVER show pain unless it’s pretty severe. They are so “ho-hum, la-de-da” about medical procedures — so much that they are the donor of choice when blood is needed for another animals.

Just last month (on my birthday) we had to take Donny in because he stepped on something outside and punctured his front paw between the toes. Now Marie. And these animals have had a history… Donny’s had shoulder and leg problems before, plus had some teeth extracted — greyhounds have notoriously bad teeth. And a few years ago Marie had some surgery and stitches and stuff to repair a gash in her chest. Maybe some of you remember… ugh.

Well, we got lucky cause the vet tech was able to fix her all up by trimming up the nail and getting the bleeding to stop, and it wasn’t as bad as originally thought… although still quite painful. We are going to have to do something about our backyard. I don’t know if this is all happening because they’re tearing around like crazy back there, or because of all the exposed tree roots, frozen ground and lanscaping rocks… who knows. Anyone know a good landscaper?

Off to the races…

Greyhounds are fast. REALLY fast. I however, am NOT.

Yesterday Donny decided to go for a stroll without permission…

As I was taking some cardboard boxes outside to put them in the car, I placed them in front of the back gate as I opened it slowly… only about 6-8″. Now mind you… the boxes stand about 3 feet high and are approximately 2-3foot wide. The door is open about 6-8″.

Ahhh… But greyhounds are skinny.

Seizing the moment, and hearing the clatter
Donny sprung from his perch to see what was the matter…

Although nothing was really the matter. He just wanted to get out.

So he did.

So the Punk Trash Dog vaulted the boxes and in one motion, squeezed (squoze???) between the gate and the fence and took off like a shot. There he goes…

It took me all of about 10 seconds to throw my stuff on the ground, lock the gate (so Marie couldn’t join us on our leisurely stroll) and run around the corner.

And Donny was nowhere to be seen. I start running down the hill in the direction I think he went. I quickly call Sarah to let her know Donny’s on the loose (she’s at Mimi’s place with Ethan, so she really can’t help anyway) and I hang up and continue running.

Stupid dog. This is NOT good. We’ve been at the house with the dogs for no more than 24 hours, so there’s no POSSIBLE way he’ll know how to get back. And although the road outside our house isn’t a highway, there’s some pretty decent traffic. And he’s nowhere in sight.

Quick prayer. (huff, puff) Stupid doggggg (huff, puff)…

At this point, I’m thinking to myself that there’s no way I’m going to catch him. I should have gotten in the car, but at this point I’ve already committed. So I keep running… and I’m already gasping for air.

Then a guy in a blue truck calls out to me… “You lookin’ for a dog?”

“Yeah…” (gasping for air)

“He went WAAAAAY down there (motioning down the road). I’ll see if I can stop him for you… does he bite?”

“No…” (even if he did, I wouldn’t have told him)

So nice blue truck man drives on down and I see him pull over. I’m yelling to Donny, and from past experience, I know the Donn-meister hears me but is just ignoring me… I can only imagine his thought process…

No way I’m coming back there… First you leave me at the house in MD for 2 weeks with almost no human contact, then you ship me off to Philly, and now where the FREAK am I??? I’ve been that stupid crate all day and there ain’t no way I’m coming back yet…

Now blue truck guy and another man has reached the fleeing canine and, true to form, Donny approaches (after making his 20th “pit stop” of the trip) and jumps up to try to sniff the guy’s face… basically how he greets all humans. Helper-guy grabs Donny’s collar, and the journey is over. I thank him and blue truck guy as he drives past, and start the long huff-puff journey back up the hill toward home.

I have decided to wire the gate shut. We will no longer use it. End of story.

Fantasy Football Happiness…

I wrote this in an Email to my bro this AM, and thought I’d just put it up in a post.

Good thing I decided to play Westbrook [Eagles RB] and McNabb [Eagles QB]yesterday. I got a total of 76 points from them, plus another 25 from the Dallas D, who is now on my good side again. :-)

I’ve got one more player (Cris Brown) going into tonight and it’s already over. 124-108.

In my JC league, I need a TD from either Colston or McAllister, or some combination of 150 Yds rushing/receiving between them. If one of them goes over 100yds, that’ll
seal the deal right there as we get 1pt/25 yds and 3pt bonus for +100.

It’s always nice to come home to a weekend without football (minus the part where we watched Penn State lose to [shudder] Michigan… (you know, the team that lost their first game to a Division II school? ) and find that your home team wiped out the opposition and your two fantasy teams played well enough to pull out the victory. Now I haven’t won my 2nd matchup yet, cause I still am losing, but I do have two players going tonight for the Saints on MNF and it looks like I’ll be able to pull out the W. Good times… that’ll make 3-0 in my JC league and lookin good.

Got the puppies this past weekend and things are starting to come down the homestretch to normalcy. We met GeGwee and Pop in Washington PA… “Why Washington…?” you may ask? Well it’s not cause we’re a little homesick for good old Montgomery Village… although we are. It’s actually about 1/2 way between here and Philly, and it was a great way to meet them and have them deliver the pups without too much trouble. Pop managed to tie their crates to the roof, the puppies hopped in the back and we had a grand old time. Stayes at a Red Roof Inn for pretty cheap — they accept pets with NO weight limit, so that was happy. They really behaved well (the DOGS, that is), and although it was a whirlwind 24-hour visit, it was a great time.

We’ll get to go back again in Nov for my cousin Kristen’s wedding, so it’s only another 6 weeks till GeGwee can get another dose of the mighty E. We’ll try to post some pix from the visit soon… God knows we took enough of them!

Later Shpater.