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Time for a change…

PHP Application Structure

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I really like this blog theme but I’m thinking it might be time for something new. I do a lot of tinkering in WP (we use it for work, plus I use it for a few other blogs I’ve set up for people) and this theme doesn’t operate the way that most do. For some reason, all of the code is stored in another file and you can’t use the Editor in WordPress to mess with the PHP. This is totally unacceptable in my opinion… ┬ákind of like trying to change the oil in your car but having the hood locked. Maybe a bad analogy, but you get my drift.

There a ton of free themes out there, and some you need to pay for. In most cases, everything you’d ever want to do CAN be done with free themes — it’s just that the paid ones give you more options and make it easier, saving time in the long run. That’s something I can definitely use more of…

Anyone out there have a favorite theme or theme designer? I’m partial to Thesis… I’d love to hear what you like to use!

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Two days in a row?

Yes, it’s true. The child is in bed for his afternoon nap, Sarah’s on the couch reading, and I’m just hanging out. Sure, there’s tons to do… but why do it all when there’s blogging to be done?

I’m going to be moving the old Rezer pic gallery from over to my Picasa Gallery cause I’m running outta space on my server. Seems like my host decided to change their hosting plan, so I’m unfortunately going to have to downsize in order to stay within their storage limits. This means removing files, pix, music, etc… Not horrible, but still a pain in the butt. The main issue, however will be that it will also affect my clients, and I’m starting to look for a new host… which means eventually changing all the DNS, moving sites and files, setting up Email addresses, etc… and, oh yeah, paying more. Ugh.

Anyone know of a good VPS hosting company? Don’t care if it’s Linux or Windows… but I think Linux is preferred since I have a few clients using PHPList and PHPForms. Lemme know… and the cheaper, the better…

Got a new webcam, too, courtesy of GeGwe and Pop (the Logitech Fusion). Quite nice. We got hooked up over Windows Live and have already made 2 or 3 video calls to them. The quality is not bad at all, and audio is pretty clear. It’s not like “being there”, but it’s probably the next best thing. If anyone’s out there with a similar setup, lemme know… we’ll chat. Windows Live ID is jrezer at

PS: My buddy Erik is launching his second new product, Pizza Box Baseball, on Feb 17. Check out the site for Pizza Box Football (designed by me, of course) and look for the Pizza Box Baseball site soon!

Myvu Universal Virtual Headset – New York Times

Look out Jordy — now I’ve got some cool glasses too!

Behold the new!

Sarah and I got creative and started putting together a new home page. Lots of good stuff to come, but check it out. It’s now ready for PRIME TIME!!!