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The Green Monster is gone!

And before all you in the Red Sox Nation start worrying about what those enraged Rockies fans did to your beloved Fenway… don’t call the cops. Call off the search party. Everything is cool. I’m not talking about THAT Green Monster…

Nope — we sold our couches last night! Major kudos to my wife who is becoming quite the internet shopper now turned internet seller! Sarah found some old pictures we had from the house in MD and posted them on CraigsList. Then after a weekend and a day, we had a guy come over last night and just like that – bing bang boom – we were $400 richer and 2 couches lighter. SUPERB! It stinks that we’re still paying on them, but you might remember from an earlier post that the monster couch was never able to make it down into the basement, no matter how hard we pushed, pried, prodded and perthwuddled (OK, I made that last one up… there was no perthwuddling). With all the other furniture, not to mention the color of the monster, it just wouldn’t work in the living room.

Now we have the sleeper sofa with slipcover in the front room, all the boxes have been temporarily moved from the living room to the guest room, the rug has been put down and we are waiting to see if the sleeper sofa is gonna sell. I kinda like this CraigsList thing. Much more immediate than eBay, and a much better option for larger items. I’m sure a lot of you have heard of it, but for those who haven’t, CraigsList is a free consumer-focused garage sale basically. Since it’s all locally-based, people look things up by area and then negotiate with the seller. It’s strictly a cash deal, and unlike eBay, CraigsList assumes no responsibility for financial transactions. The reason I like it is cause it’s immediate, it gets searched a ton, and offers some quality USED stuff. As long as you heed the old “caviat emptor”, everything’s hunky dory. So anyway, I think I might be putting some more stuff up there for people. If they want them — great. If not, oh well.

Oh yeah — and we got a piano! We were visiting friends in Indianapolis over the weekend and they offered us their spinet Wurlitzer. We actually took the legs off and got it to fit in the back of the van, and now it’s sitting in our living room awaiting its final resting place. Luckily our awesome neighbor and his brother in law (who just so happens to be the previous owner of our house) came over to help Sarah and I get it into the house. I was stupid and tried to do it with Sarah by ourselves on Sunday evening, but wasn’t thinking clearly — since it took SIX of us to get it INTO the van. Gravity is cool and all, but seriously Rezer… what were you thinking?

After all of the movin’ and shakin’, we put together the old trusty futon in the basement (since we were now couchless (loveseat, actually) and it’s just like old-times. Man we got a lot accomplished yesterday. Sarah did a lot of work on her own, and she deserves some serious rest today… but unfortunately she’s not going to get much. Now we have to start packing for our big trip east for my cousin’s wedding. Hurray! Looking forward to visits to both Philly and MD, and it will be nice to see everyone. It’s been too long…

Nothing up my sleeve… PRESTO!

As quickly as it disappeared, the table has now been found (see previous post). Should be delivered by the end of the week. I’m sure there are other things that never made it to us, but nothing that seems so important that I’m going to lose sleep over at this point.

Spent the evening over at the house by myself the other night working in the basement… “Why the basement?” you ask? Cause that’s where the TV is! Can you say “Monday Night Football”???

Yes folks, I got to experience not one but.. count ‘em… TWO Monday Night Games. I could only hope for this to continue throughout the season, but I doubt it will. And it will be tough to keep up with those West Coast games if they don’t start till 10:30pm.

So my FF teams are 1-1. I won in the JC League, but lost by ONE POINT in my work league. Can I jsut say how much I really hate Dallas? I should have known better selecting their stupid defense… I lost a point when they allowed the Giants offense to run rampant and score a bazillion points. And in the end, I was undone by Tony Robo-QB hooking up with TO for 2 scores, throwing for 2 more and running for a 5th TD. Can you say MEGA-POINTS scored against Jeff? Oh well… at least the league is free. :-)

First you see it…

Then you don’t. It’s nice for magicians, but not so nice when you’re moving cross-country. Let me just fill you all in a little…

We moved in Wednesday. The movers broke the foot on an antique, the sofa won’t fit down the basement stairs, and they can’t FIND our dining room table. An expensive one. No idea where it is. We are ticked.

Besides all this, I get the sneaking suspicion that there are more things missing… nothing too terribly important (except for the table),… but missing nonetheless. My 2 keyboard stands? no idea where they are. Other missing items include misc. gardening equipment (lawnmowers, weedwhacker, rakes, etc) and probably a bunch of other stuff we didn’t need anyway… ugh.

Luckily, we have Ethan’s room almost set up, our king bed made it up the stairs, and things are starting to take shape. It’s gonna take a while, but we’re on our way. Luckily Benji and Liz are in town this weekend for Debbie’s 60th — so we drafted them to help. Good thing too — I’m gonna need help getting our extra Queen bed back to Debbie’s to replace the busted air mattress. It was a lovely way to wake up this morning… poor Sarah. I know for sure she can’t WAIT to be back in our own comfy bed… Ahhh…..

We’re in!

I realized I hadn’t posted, so just wanted to fill everyone in. We closed on Monday — happy day! The previous owners are really cool and as it turns out, they’re living right next door! Now, it’s only temporary cause they’re building a new home close by, but the woman’s sister is our neighbor — no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot of them. But it is kinda weird to see their kids and have them watch us do all kinds of things to their house… but at least they’re cool about it.

Sarah and I started painting (well, priming — haven’t got to the paint part yet) and we have 2 rooms to go. Thought it would be a good idea to get all this done before the movers showed up, but it doesn’t look like we’ll finish. If we can at least get some of it done, it will help a lot, I’m sure. There are only 4 rooms to paint, including a bathroom, so it’s not that bad. The only problem is that we have a limited amount of time to do it, since we’re away this weekend in Chicago for a wedding and won’t return until late Monday. That leaves tonight (Thu) and next Tue to finish up… hopefully we can get everything at least primed and perhaps get one or two rooms totally finished. Cross your fingers!

Tomorrow’s the Big Day!

We’re closing tomorrow. So psyched.

Sarah and I went over with Mimi and Ethan tonight to do the final walkthrough, and were pleasantly surprised when we found not only the big screen TV and speakers (like we were expecting), but also 2 tuners, a CD changer, a DVD player, a component switcher and a bunch of other things! So cool! Now we don’t need to fix our stuff!

The pool table is gone (as expected), but that’s good cause it means we won’t have to deal with it. We would have sold it regardless, but it’s one less thing we need to do. We will need to purchase some patio furniture to enjoy on our nice big deck, but most of the other stuff we already have. Sarah wants to purchase a few chairs for the living room since most of our furniture will be downstairs in the basement, and we have some painting to do in the rooms upstairs, but everything else is basically ready to go — move in condition, clean and smelling all purdy. NICE.

I am so thankful that this is almost done. And before I forget to mention it — we’re basically paying NOTHING at closing. We asked for $2000 back from the sellers bringing our costs down to $750 — but we’re getting a $750 rebate from USAA for using their services. How cool is THAT?!?!? Looks like we’ll owe something like $.53… Love it.

The movers don’t come until next week, so that gives us a little time to get things together (painting and whatnot). Really looking forward to finally having a place of our own (again)…

“Our house, in the middle of our street…”


Sarah narrowed down about a million listings down to a few that we’ve been checking out with our new USAA-Approved realtor. She’s great… very knowledgable, likable and even from one of the target areas. I still can’t believe what $150K gets you around here. It’s ridiculous. Our $350K townhouse in DC would be about a $600-700 house here. LOVE IT.

We are torn right now between 2 great possibilities — one is a fantastic space, ready to move in, gorgeous finished basement and beautiful… the other has a lot of potential and has a great master suite and a TON of room. So do we go for the gorgeous no-work required house with less space and no master bath or do we go for the one that has a ton of room but will need carpet and paint right off the bat? Argh! Choices…

Opinions would be welcomed…

More soon.