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Playing Catch-up

And while I’m on the subject… what’s with all the spellings of that word anyway? Catsup? Ketchup? Catchup? Sheesh… :-)

I GOT MY JOB! I interviewed last Thursday with F+W Pubs and it went really well… I was expecting to hear something more in about a week and a half, plus thinking I would come back to meet with the head of the department, but I got an Email the next day with an OFFER LETTER! God is good! Not only was it a great offer, it was MORE than I asked for. AWESOME!

The position will be a great mix of business and tech, and I am looking forward to being able to contribute to this fantastic team. It seems like a great opportunity and a great match for me all at the same time. I’ll keep you all posted in the weeks to come as I start as ONLINE ADVERTISING SPECIALIST next Monday, Aug. 6. YAHOO!

Now, on to finding a house!

House, Job and PotterMania

OK, we finally closed on the house last Friday, July 13. Yes, that’s right — Friday the 13th. We didn’t have much of a choice. After a long arduous process of fixing it up, cleaning, painting, renovating, etc… it’s OVER. You can check out the pix on the Photo Gallery. Honestly, I didn’t know if I had it in me when I started, but since we didn’t really have a choice, we were able to get it done with A LOT of help from our friends. We’ve received our settlement check (A LOT lower than we wanted) and now are just waiting for our final escrow amounts to come back. Goodbye MD. We’ll miss you.

I was potentially interviewing for the Online Advertising position last Friday (the 20th) but it got postponed to this week because the department head was out of the office. Hopefully I’ll hear early this week. Heard back about the CSR job in Dayton and although I passed the interview with flying colors, there are no open positions at this time, although from the sound of it they are expecting more openings as soon as the parent company authorizes the hiring process for the department. This is still a fallback, but I’m holding on for a better opportunity. Also a possibility of working for a company called PowerNet Global as a helpdesk specialist. That one is pending approval from the company, and I’m not the only one being interviewed.

Sarah is a little sad these last few days because the final Harry Potter book was released and she has already read it (within 24 hours, I might add). She and I went to Borders for the midnight release party and picked up the book, then we went home (after a McDonald’s stop for “brain food”) and started reading around 1am. She read for about 4 hours and took a short nap, got up at 9:30 and read the rest of the day, stopping only to eat for about 5 minutes each time. She finished shortly before 7pm… insane! She sure does love Harry Potter. I consoled her by mentioning that there would still be 2 more movies coming out, but she said “honey, it’s not the same…” I agree. But at least it’s something…

More to come

So after a week of feeling very down, now I’m feeling cautiously optimistic and actually excited. I had a phone interview with a company for the position of Online Advertising Specialist yesterday for a media company, and it went REALLY well. They want to have me in on Friday afternoon to meet some other folks from the company. This opportunity would be great cause it’s a nice blend of business and tech, and I think would really allow me to flex my people-skills. The company sounds very team oriented and I think it would be a great fit for me… please keep this situation and opportunity for me in your prayers.

Secondly, right before this phone interview, I got a call from a tech recruiter for a HelpDesk position that would pay fairly well that’s right in my location target area, the same area that I had been working earlier in the month. It may be a bit over my head, but I could most likely do the work if given the opportunity. The pay is not as good as the job mentioned earlier, but it’s still higher than the third opportunity…

…which is with the company I’d been interviewing with for the last few weeks. This company is HUGE and they’re located up in Dayton, about 45 min from here. The pay is low, and the hours are horrible, but it’s at least a job with an opportunity to advance and make a little money. I know this is something I don’t want to do full-time, but if I need to take it while I continue looking elsewhere, I will… but only if the others don’t pan out.

Now, in the meantime I’m continuing to apply for some positions and am keeping my options open, but I’m hopeful that the first opportunity mentioned here will actually work out. They are looking to hire within 2-3 weeks, and have a few candidates already, including one from inside the company. This makes me a little nervous, but I can only do my best and hope they see me as the best fit for their company and the position.

“I’m holding on…”

Shock the Monkey…

For some hysterical reading, check out the latest adventures of Monkey Rezer.

“Watch the monkey get hurt… monkey.”

Now on to some job-related news… in bullet-point fashion:

  • Interview with Robert Half Technologies went well, although I bombed the Windows XP help desk test (did well on the hardware test). My rep there will be back to me once they have a position for me… may be a while, but who knows…
  • Took some MS Office proficiency tests this AM with Adecco (the same company I’ve been temping with at Tom Raper RVs) and scored +90% on all of them. They were pretty easy, but if this is any indication of the talent level out there, they should be paying me hundreds of millions — as soon as I can land a job…
  • Sent a resume/coverletter to a company that I heard about through my networking group. It’s for an online advertising specialist and I already got a call back on it… will be interviewing (phone) with the HR manager on Wed. This is probably the hottest prospect yet, so please say a prayer…
  • Have my followup interview with LexisNexis Tue AM — part Q&A and part tech simulation. I should do well, and if all goes as expected I hope to have an offer from them by the end of the week. The question is… do I hold out for something else or go with the sure thing? Decisions, decisions…

So that’s it for now. Please keep me in your prayers…

Wow I am lame

Lot going on – let’s try to break it down into personal stuff, house stuff and job stuff

First – Job Stuff

Still working at the RV through next Friday. My interview with LexisNexs went well but apparently not well enough. They wanted someone with more coding experience. Understandable I guess… I’ve never really considered myself a coder, and I had really been out of it for 2 years or so while working at JC. Unfortunately for me, it’s not like the whole “riding a bike” thing… I definitely do forget a lot of it. But I have a follow-up phone interview for another position with the same company — less money, but a job none-the-less. Let’s see how it works out. I also have an interview with another recruiter sometime this week or next — I applied for a number of positions online for this same company, so I’m not sure exactly what they are interested in me for… but hopefully it’s something good. (duh!)

Next – House Stuff

Had to go back to Maryland last week to finish packing up… left on a Tuesday and came back on a Friday. Lots of box-packing with Mom in the meantime. She came down to help out and ended up staying way later than originally anticipated CAUSE SHE ROCKS. The best Mom ever! I don’t care what the rest of you say! :-)

We packed a ton of boxes and unfortunately I had to give in about 4pm on Friday without finishing CAU… and because I have the best friends in the world, I had 4 people volunteer to come by and help finish packing while I was back in OH. I need to mention them here because they are SUPER AWESOME. Thanks to Jen C, April A, April R and Angie F. You are the bestest ever!

Had to find a moving company while I was there to handle the move – we were originally planning on having someone come while we were there, but since there was no way to get it done in time, we decided to get a company to come in for us and move the items without us being there (apparently this is done often enough that they didn’t sound surprised when I asked). The original company we wanted to do it for us quoted us one rate and then said it would be about $2500 more when they did a walk through. UNACCEPTABLE. We found another company and they gave us a NTE price, plus they’re storing items for 1 month for free. This is superb since we don’t have a place to put things yet — there’s no way it’s fitting in Sarah’s mom’s place that’s for sure! Closing is still scheduled for Monday the 9th, and it’s on track. There’s still a lot to do by then, but we are praying and hopeful that everything will happen as it should and we will be done with the MD house. Hurray!

Finally – Personal Stuff…

There’s a wedding this weekend in Illinois — looking forward to meeting more of Sarah’s family and catching up with my brother and sister in law, Benji and Liz. Besides the wedding, we’re supposed to attend a church service in the park (Benji is leading worship) and afterwards we’ll be going to a concert. Benji’s band is opening up for a band called Building 426 (?) or something like that and it should be a good time. Sarah, Debbie and Ethan are staying through Thursday, although I’llbe leaving to heard back around dinnertime Sunday cause I have to work. Gotta pay the bills ya know.

I’m feeling slightly anxious yet also invigorated these past few days seeing things line up in anticipation of Friday (job) and Mon (house). Mom and Dad have been a great shoulder to lean on as have other family members (Debbie and Aunt Robin) and have kept me encouraged. It’s difficult to be struggling so much right now — I’ve never had to really worry about finding a job before (they’ve always found me), and honestly it’s been a bit of a blow to my self-ego. I know there’s a job out there for me, but I feel like I don’t even have the time to wait for it cause I need money NOW. We have been blessed by financial gifts from friends and family, have had some unexpected windfalls in the way of tax returns, etc., plus I had some client billings that came in… so we have had money to live on. I know that God will provide… but it’s been a trying time to say the least.

Church out here is way cool. Sarah and I are meeting with the Creative Arts pastor of Vineyard Cincinnati next Friday and hopefully can start to get plugged in — either band, tech or something. We really feel comfortable here and seems to be a natural extension of our time at JC without the pressure. It’s a great place to worship and is really outreach focused… check their site and learn all about the recent Sumnmer of Service they hosted for teens!

Ok — that’s all for now…

“Our house… in the middle of our street…”

Things still churning…

Still at the RV place. Churn.

Still looking for permanent work. Churn.

Moving forward with the house sale scheduled to close July 9. Double-Churn.

I’ve had a few leads and possibilities — nothing great — but nothing horrible. I have 2 followups on possible CSR-type work. One is with LexisNexis (sp?) which is more like what I am looking for (tech-related), however the other seems like it may have better pay and benefits. The second job found my resume online, so it might be a longshot, but it’s worth hoping for.

Also have my resume out to a few recruiters and am hoping I can shake something up there. Planning on going to a networking meeting next Wed night to shake loose a few more leads.

If you or anyone you know if a member of LinkedIn, check me out there:

“That’s all, folks…”

I’m in Racing Country

OK – so there’s a lot going on, but I’ll start with this tidbit… I’m back at Tom Raper when the woman that was hired a few days ago walked out. Now, I’m not a judgmental person, but what does that say about your work ethic? Maybe this is the reason she didn’t have a job in the first place. Just sayin’…

Today at 6pm they are bringing in Aric Almirola to sign autographs here at Tom Raper RV. To me, that sounds like someone who should be judging a contest on Food Network, but apparently he’s a driver on NASCAR or something. Go figure. They also have Tony Stewart’s car out front, which is pretty cool. (I guess… it’s in the trailer right now, but I’m assuming it’s SWEEET)

[There are also a bunch of driver cards or something here that they are giving out... not to mention the 3 life-sized cutouts that adorn the halls of the showroom. Very surreal...]

House stuff moving along… our potential buyers have finally sent back the disclosures, but when they went to inspect the house, they said there were too many boxes in the basement to do an inspection. Very odd… our boxes are in the garage…. but regardless, our agent is working on a way around that. I think they are just being difficult — or stupid (they keep calling our agent Mark, even though his name is Nathan). Hopefully we won’t have to move anything out of there… or I may have to call in some favors from friends back in the DC area…you know who you are!

Had a meeting with a recruiter today who was very helpful…I have a ton of homework and netowkring to do.Apparently in Cinci it’s all about WHO you know and not WHAT you know. I’ve gotten the same tips from a number of people, so I’m going to start following up on some of those leads.

“Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend…”

Job Hunting, Part Deux

So this job runs out Friday. I have an interview with a Job Coach at the new church I’m going to on Sat at 10am….turns out he’s an IT recruiter for his full-time gig! How cool is that? Also have an appt with a recruiter I’ve been trying to get in touch with on Wed AM next week — that might also help stir things up a bit.

But more importantly…

We have a CONTRACT!!! They offered us our asking price plus a bunch oif closing costs, etc. We’re not going to make out as well as we had hoped, but we’re accepting the offer since we will escape with at least some money and we can’t wait much longer. Even better was the fact that they want a quick close date (July 9 – 30 days) so that will help immensely. Please pray for our family and that everything goes well, we pass inspection and there are no complications. Thanks for your prayers thus far…

Now we are of the opinion that God was just waiting for Sarah to make her “list” (checkout her blog), so I think I’ll need to make my list so we can get on with the job acceptance part of this whole thing! Keep posted…

“One Down, One to go… another night and one more show…”

Got drugs?

Well, that’s what they wanted to know… so I got to pee in a cup. Good times.

“Why is there so much controversy about drug testing? I know plenty of people that would be more than happy to test any drug you were to give them…” –George Carlin

Start a new temp job on Monday doing office work and answering phones. It’s really low pay, but it’s something while I continue to look for a full-time position. There’s a job fair in Cinci on Tuesday that I’m going to attend, and I hope to score some contacts there.

No new word on the house… hopefully we’ll get some good traffic this weekend and hear some news from our realtor Nathan next week. We’ll keep you all posted!

“I want my… I want my… I want my MTV…”

Biting the bullet

I went ahead and accepted a temp position with a company in Fairfield (about 20-25 minutes away) and have a meet-and-greet tomorrow at 9am. I will probably start work there Friday. It’s just admin work, reception, word processing, etc… but it will at least start bringing some money in. The temp agency knows that the job is less that what I’m really looking for, but I’m not too proud to take something that will put some cash in our bank account. I’m bailing the temp agency out as well, so I figured this would probably get me on their good side — which is good since they REEEEAALLLY have the ability to help me you out, ya know?

For better or for worse…