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House, Job and PotterMania

OK, we finally closed on the house last Friday, July 13. Yes, that’s right — Friday the 13th. We didn’t have much of a choice. After a long arduous process of fixing it up, cleaning, painting, renovating, etc… it’s OVER. You can check out the pix on the Photo Gallery. Honestly, I didn’t know if I had it in me when I started, but since we didn’t really have a choice, we were able to get it done with A LOT of help from our friends. We’ve received our settlement check (A LOT lower than we wanted) and now are just waiting for our final escrow amounts to come back. Goodbye MD. We’ll miss you.

I was potentially interviewing for the Online Advertising position last Friday (the 20th) but it got postponed to this week because the department head was out of the office. Hopefully I’ll hear early this week. Heard back about the CSR job in Dayton and although I passed the interview with flying colors, there are no open positions at this time, although from the sound of it they are expecting more openings as soon as the parent company authorizes the hiring process for the department. This is still a fallback, but I’m holding on for a better opportunity. Also a possibility of working for a company called PowerNet Global as a helpdesk specialist. That one is pending approval from the company, and I’m not the only one being interviewed.

Sarah is a little sad these last few days because the final Harry Potter book was released and she has already read it (within 24 hours, I might add). She and I went to Borders for the midnight release party and picked up the book, then we went home (after a McDonald’s stop for “brain food”) and started reading around 1am. She read for about 4 hours and took a short nap, got up at 9:30 and read the rest of the day, stopping only to eat for about 5 minutes each time. She finished shortly before 7pm… insane! She sure does love Harry Potter. I consoled her by mentioning that there would still be 2 more movies coming out, but she said “honey, it’s not the same…” I agree. But at least it’s something…

More to come

To that, I say "Neigh"

As promised in an earlier post (I think), I’ve got some Ethan pix from his day playing with the horsies. They are included below… along with a picture of Ethan sporting his on-the-jobsite headgear along with the construction manager (Sarah’s aunt).

So we think the kid may have chickenpox. He started breaking out in all these little red dots that became bigger and more widespread by the end of the day. At first, we thought it might be flea bites or something, so we washed all of his bedding… but as the day wore on, they got more and more pronounced. Before you ask — it’s most likely not an kind of allergic reaction (cause it’s not localized) and we don’t think it’s anything to do with medication, bug bites or anything else… we’re checking with doctor’s office today to see what they have to say. More to come…
“And we’ll have fun, fun fun…”

Doggie Heaven

OK, so for anyone who’s interested, I think the puppies are doing OK now…

More to come when I wake up… MMMMM coffee.

“MMM, Mmm… good, Mmmm Mmmm… good”

Dog Day weekend

Well, looks like the doggies are not doing too well being by themselves for most of the day… Donny is ripping up his bedding and has had a few anxiety attacks. The original plan was to have a friend stay at the house to take care of them, so they could have company, etc… but we found out that was NOT what has been happening. They’ve only been let out of their crates to take care of business (3x per day) and then are going back in again. It’s a sad existence…


Going over and above the call of duty, Mom and Dad Rezer (We LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!) are going down this weekend to rescue them from previously said “sad existence” to bring them back to Philly and love on them. It’s a huge weight off our shoulders to know they are being taken care of and loved on… We are still looking for options so we can get them out here to OH with us, but so far we don’t have any contacts. Will keep looking…

Today we had bison burgers and oven-baked Parmesan potatos for lunch. YUMM-O. (sorry, Rachel Ray can’t be the only one allowed to use that phrase!) We’ve been cooking quite a bit here and although we don’t have all our kitchen stuff, spices, etc…we’re making due. It’s been nice to have Debbie (Sarah’s mom) around also and Sarah and I have been able to take a few quick escapes… one of them being to Jungle Jim’s near Cincinnati Mills Mall. If you’re ever out this way, you gotta stop in there. It’s like Disney meets Wegman’s meets I don’t know what… it’s crazy. (check the links above)

“Food, Glorious Food…”