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Medical Update 2

Just to update you all…

Rich came home mid last week… the doctors were amazed that he wasn’t more injured than he was. No memory loss, and no muscle/nerve damage, etc etc… he does have a cracked sinus plate, but they are fairly sure at this point that it will heal within 6 weeks without the need for surgery.

I believe he is taking some time off from work and then continuing with vacation plans the following week. The key at this point is to keep his 100lb+ dog from jumping on him… needless to say that has the potential to hinder the recovery. :-)

He seems to be in good spirits… I want to thank everyone for your prayers!

Medical update

For anyone checking here, just wanted to let you know that so far Rich is doing well. He’s a bit banged up with a broken left forearm (BOTH bones), a cracked/chipped tooth, black eye and some other scrapes and bruises. Other than the pain, he’s doing quite well… and seemed to be in good spirits when I called and spoke with him the other day. He was hoping to be released today if all goes well, but they are still monitoring him for a possible cracked sinus plate. They are hoping to be able to treat with antibiotics, however if there is any leakage of sinus fluid they’ll need to operate. We DON’T want that — so please keep him in your prayers.

For those who hadn’t heard about the accident — Rich slipped off a ladder while cleaning his gutters at home and landed HARD on the driveway. Compund fracture of the left arm. OWCH. He was taken to U of Penn Hospital and he’s hanging in there. There is a 4-6″ plate in his arm with a bunch of screws that will need to be there for at least 12 months…