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It’s official!

Nothing like a holiday weekend to open up spots on a team and offer a chance to serve! Sarah and I are scheduled to play Nov 24-25!
We’re psyched to be part of the VCC worship family! Now all we gotta do is write a bio… :-)

Sarah and I got a chance to sit in on a rehearsal for the Vineyard Cincy band last night with Charlie Hines and the crew and had a blast! It was so great to be back in that environment again, and playing with GREAT players to boot! It was also nice to be able to roll into a rehearsal and not set up any GEAR since the church provides everything, including the tech crew, house sound, lights, etc for REHEARSAL. Whoa. Very nice. They also use the Aviom monitor system which we were looking into getting for JC, and I must say it’s quite cool. Being able to set individual levels for all the players in the band in my mix, and even have them even pan L-R if I want, was WAY cool. We jammed on 3 of the 4 songs with the team (including another drummer who was auditioning), Sarah go a chance to sing lead and harmony on a bunch of songs, and then we turned it over to the full team so they could finish their rehearsal for the weekend.

Afterwards a bunch of us (including some of the tech staff) went over to Chili’s for some “Mango Tea.” Side note: It was kinda funny cause I thought he said we were going for “Mango Time”, referring to everyone’s favorite SNL character — although I didn’t quite get the reference or understand WHAT we were actually going to be doing there if we were indeed going for “Mango Time”… but I digress…

We socialized for a while and then Charlie said — “Well, congratulations! We’d love to welcome you to the team!” WAHOOO! So it looks like Sarah and I will probably serve the same week (once per month) so we can continue serving on the tech team as well — we’re actually running cameras tonight at Cincinnati Worships which should be quite coolio. Love it!

It’s going to be so nice to serve this way again. I’m really looking forward to playing, experimenting with new keyboards and sounds, and getting to know the different team members and meeting some new friends. REALLY looking forward to it.