I’m a loser, baby…

Beck - "Loser"
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Found out yesterday that the surgery date will be either Feb 22 or 23. Schedule works out good (as good as it can, I guess) cause there’s nothing major going on that week. Typical recovery time is 2 weeks, but I’ll probably come back quicker assuming everything goes as planned. Procedure will be lproscopic and is OUT-PATIENT. What the heck! We’ve come so far…

Since my Dr appt when I found out about all the surgery stuff was actually yesterday, I think today’s post should be more about my lack of posting as of late, making this blog about as effective as a one legged man at a butt kicking contest.

Too many people are commenting on my lameness for not keeping up with my posts. Haven’t decided if I’m going back and filling in the missing days or not, but I guess if I’m gonna, I’d better do it soon before I forget… I am getting older, ya know…

Every time I hear this next song, I think about the good old days when my band used to play this. One night in particular we were “assisted” by a gentleman who clearly had one (or three) too many. I believe there are videos… somewhere…

Listen to “Loser” by Beck.

Do you have a favorite “loser” moment? Or at least a time when you had at least one too many?

Please comment below…

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Time in a bottle

In Search Of Lost Time

Looks like this is what I need to keep up with my daily posts. I’ll be going back and filling in posts from the other days, but for now I’ll just give you a brief recap of the days, along with this lovely song by Jim Croce.

Thu Jan 28 – I’m not sure what exactly happened on this day. So shoot me. Maybe I’ll remember tomorrow when I do a real post. :-)

Fri Jan 29 – went right from work and played a benefit for the Charlie Matthews Fund (raised $3000!). Got to hang out afterwards with some of my favorite peeps for a late-night nosh  at BJ’s Brew Pub. I had the IPA.

Sat Jan 30 – Kicked the garbage disposal into submission, took all the Christmas stuff to storage and found a missing 1098 resulting in an addtl $240 back on our taxes. Overall a great day, but Day #1 of the great Gall Bladder Experiment.

Sun Jan 31 – Hookie from church, plus a hang-out day with Benji, Liz and Elijah. Lots of games were  played and lots of Wii was… well… Wii’d. Also ate a steak the size of my head… resulting in Day #2 of the Gall Bladder Experiment.

Mon Feb 1 – So. Very. Tired. Was up a good chunk of the night and determined that I may be having gall bladder issues, so I went to see the doc. He concurred. Ultrasound scheduled for Wed AM where we determine if I will have surgery or do something else… “Will somebody get me some sharks with frickin’ laserbeams attached to their frickin’ heads?

Tue, Feb 2 – Today. And this is what I’m posting (See above). Might change it later. Or might not.

Listen to Time in a Bottle

Interesting side-note: Mr Croce attended the same high school as my dad, and they ran track together, if I remember correctly. They weren’t friends I don’t think, but it’s still kinda cool…

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Brand New Day

Desk with a view
Image by Christmas w/a K via Flickr

Came in to work this morning and for the first time since I’ve been here, my walk was slightly different. We finally got the phones switched at work and Maria and I were able to move our desks closer to the rest of the team yesterday. It’s actually kinda nice cause the new spot is a little larger, and even though there isn’t as much space to hang all of Ethan’s artwork, it DOES have a window view! It’s kinda nice cause I did get some morning sun through the window at it was really sort of energizing. Sarah has already joked that I now need a plant that I can kill… all in due time. :-)

Today I’m linking one of Sarah’s favorite songs, Brand New Day by Joshua Radin. It’s just kind of happy smiley. Hope you like it.

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The Magic Treehouse album cover
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Every once and a while I can’t quite seem to find a song so I have to go searching… today was one of those days. I found this song online that worked for today’s theme and as soon as I heard it something really resonated with me. Had never heard it before, but there’s something about it I really like.

Some background:

When I’m typing up my entry for the day, what I usually try to do is list a few things that I remember about it — highlights if you will — and then use those thoughts to formulate the post. Sometimes it’s a major event from the day, or sometimes it’s just something random. Today – RANDOM.

Sarah was out leading her Beth Moore study this evening so I was hanging with the E-man. He was REALLY wound up and was fixating on his Magic Tree House books. We were running from room to room with our books and backpacks (well, he was running… I was just trying to keep up!) and trying to find pictures in the books that we wanted to travel to in our “Magic Treehouse”. It really was quite the adventure!

So today — the song it Treehouse by The Clarks. Like I said earlier, there’s something the sound of the song that I just like… and the title is perfect. So there ya go.

Listen to Treehouse by The Clarks

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Image by Dru! via Flickr

Coming home from work yesterday there was a light flurry in the air — but the flakes were BIG. The kind that look like cornflakes. Seriously. I hopped in the car and headed home. There was a lot of wind, so stuff was just kinda blowing around and nothing was sticking. Pretty much uneventful trip until I came to the part on I-71 where you start heading downhill toward the tunnel near the stadium… and then I saw it. Looked like a cloud of smoke on the ground, and lots of red tail lights. I seriously thought there was an accident… until I realized it was all blowing snow, so thick you could barely see through it. I had never seen something like this before — it was crazy. Seriously, this “whiteout” had a front so well defined that it looked like there was a cloud on the ground. I made my way through and headed through the tunnels and out the other side and while it was still snowing fairly heavily, the cloud was gone. Must have been something about the winds coming off the river and all the air currents surrounding the downtown area. Weird.

Today, two songs called Snowblind. One from my past, and one new one I just found:

Listen to Styx’s “Snowblind

Snowblind” – Rob Thomas

And another “Snowblind” for Keith…

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The Timeless Wonder

NEW YORK - AUGUST 08:  New York City Mayor Mic...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Great NFC Championship game last night — one that will be talked about for a LOOOOONG time. Unfortunately for Brett Favre, it ended with an interception as he was trying to drive his team toward a possible winning FG at the end of the game. Brett threw across his body and didn’t see the DB waiting to pick him off. A sad end to an amazing come-back story.

When Favre did the whole retire-unretire thing at the beginning of the year, it really turned me off. I also thought “Ah, he’s all washed up. Ain’t no way he does anything worthwhile this year.” Boy was I wrong. I actually found myself feeling kinda sad for him at the end, knowing that despite everything he went through, including the ankle injury at the end of the game, and then STILL having an opportunity to win the game and throwing it all away, he just couldn’t make it happen and cost his team a shot at the SuperBowl.

Something tells me he’ll be back — as long as his body lets him. This guy is a Timeless Wonder and I don’t think he’ll let himself  NOT come back, knowing that HE was the reason the team didn’t make it to the Big Game. Enormous pride sometimes comes with an enormous cost.

“Old Man Favre, he just keeps rollin’ along…

Listen to this classic from Show Boat and the enormously powerful voice of Paul Robeson as recorded at Carnegie Hall. I didn’t know they even MADE notes that low…  :-)

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Super Mario Bros.
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Tonight was a great day hanging with family, playing Wii and just having fun. Toward the end of the night, after the kids were in bed, Sarah, Benji, Liz and I sat down for some 4-person Super Mario Brothers. I remember maybe playing this a few times when I was younger, but I seem to remember it being a lot less… aggravating.

Maybe it was the fact that there were 4 players playing, or maybe it was because people kept popping my bubble and I floated into things — hot lava, crushing spikes of death, ice fish… whatever. I’ll have to try it again sometime with just 2 players to see if there’s less dying and more jumping on toad heads.  :-)

In honor of the evening, here is a great little version of the song of the night… this dude is out of control. Give it a few seconds for it to really kick in…

Super Mario Brothers theme — ala “flute beatbox”

And after you’ve had a few, listen to this version. :-)

Return to Pooh Corner

Disney's adaption of Stephen Slesinger, Inc.'s...
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Got to spend a great evening with the munchkin tonight… Sarah had book club with her girlfriends, and Mimi was out for the evening catching Avatar [jealous!] so I got to stay home with E. Usually I’m so tired by the time I get home and have dinner that all I want to do is veg out, but I pushed through and decided to just go for it — we played for probably an hour or so after dinner… games on the floor, created some stories for Monkey and Horsie, read books, sang songs… it was a nice evening. I was totally exhausted and falling asleep while he was reading his two stories, and woke up just in time for him to say “I love you Daddy”. What a great night.

“Promise me you’ll never forget me because if I thought you would I’d never leave.” – Winnie the Pooh

I got to thinking about how wonderful life must be for a four year old with no responsibilities and only needing to worry about when the next time was that he was going to get to play Wii, read books or play on the computer. The world is still one huge adventure to Ethan, and sometimes I wish I could feel an ounce of that excitement he shows every time he sees something new, learns something or has a new experience…

So, as an homage to childhood, I give you Kenny Loggins’ “Return to Pooh Corner“. The song wasn’t finished until later in Loggins’ life when he added the final verse while watching his son sleep. Priceless.

So help me if you can, I've got to get back
To the House at Pooh Corner by one
You'd be surprised, There's so much to be done
Count all the bees in the hive
Chase all the clouds from the sky
Back to the days of Christopher Robin and Pooh...

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When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Aughnanure, the main castle of O'Flaherty
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Sarah and I started seriously planning our Ireland trip tonight… yes, that’s right… IRELAND. I can hardly believe it. It’s always been on both of our bucket lists, and when Sarah found some super-cheap airfare, we decided to damn the torpedos and go full steam ahead! We hope to go for a week sometime in early spring, and now all we have to do is make the reservations and create the intinerary!

We hope to stay in a bunch of b&b’s along the way, definitely do the Guinness Storehouse and check out Dublin. There’s gonna be a lot of beer and cheese to be had, and we might even squeeze in a castle or two! Looking forward to out little adventure!

Anyone been there and have a tip or two for us before we go? Places to go? Places to avoid? What should we definitely NOT miss? Please comment… !

Now, on to the audio portion of the post…

Harry Connick Jr is more known for his “Nawleans” roots, but this is a pretty decent version of an old Irish classic. Hope you enjoy.

Listen to Danny Boy on Lala.com

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Things Can Only Get Better

Map of the Bermuda Triangle
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Going to small group is always a good time, even though it’s a hassle getting home, fed and out the door with enough time to fight traffic and make it on time. Tonight was no different…

Sarah met me in Kenwood after work and we grabbed a quick meal at Dewey’s, then with plenty of time we headed up I-71 towards Mason. We were expecting more traffic than we got, and actually had plenty of time — until the traffic “Bermuda Triangle” of Mason took us…

We needed to pick up some snacks and figured we’d just hit the Cosco up there, so we plugged the address into Jill (our GPS) and away we went… except “she” couldn’t find the address. Neither could Google. Where the FLIP was this place? Was it even there anymore? We ended up driving through pretty much all traffic within a 20-mi radius, and then finally spotted it. After going inside, we couldn’t find ANYTHING we were looking for. SAM’S is SO MUCH BETTER for food-related needs. Seriously. We finally got what we needed and headed out, making it just in time. What an evening.

I remember both Charlie and Darren asking me “How you doing man?” to which I replied with sigh and something like “I’m here…” I was spent — but luckily the evening was just what I needed… a chance to connect with good friends, hang out and share things that were going on in our lives, and  just have a little fun. I felt revitalized on my way home and can’t wait to get together again… it’s amazing what a little bit of “downloading” can do for you!

Things always seem to have a way of turning around… just ask Howard.

Things Can Only Get Better (Howard Jones)

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